How to Design a Temporary Guest Room


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This Summer I had quite a few guest come to my home and because my dedicated guest room is already in use, I needed to create a temporary retreat where multiple guests could stay at one time comfortably. I decided to go with twin beds in the room when my Mother in Law and husband’s Aunt came to visit. It was the perfect solution to accommodate the two ladies in a comfortable cozy room, providing both the needed personal space, i.e. separate beds, while allowing them to “hang out” and spend time with each other. In the event that a couple came to visit, all I had to do was push the two twin beds together to create a King sized bed. All bedding was purchased from the Target Room Essentials Collection.

Adjacent to the guest room/office is a powder room and family room area for watching tv with couch, mini fridge and access to the kitchen just upstairs on the next floor and shower one more level up. Everyone that stayed this past Summer commented on how comfortable and peaceful it was down in the Basement Retreat. I was a little worried that they would feel confined or isolated down there, but it turns out, it is probably one of the coziest places in our home.

Midway through the Summer I had a chance to experience it for myself when our air conditioning on the upper levels went on the fritz for a few days. Hubby and I slept in the Basement Retreat for 3 nights and it was extremely comfortable. It was actually the coolest (temperature wise) spot in the house. It also reminded me that when I do set up the permanent guest room again, or any other guest rooms in our future homes, it is a great idea to sleep there yourself overnight. You always want your guests to have a great experience. If there is any discomfort, or issue, you will work it out before your guests arrive ensuring that they have an optimal stay at your home and that they would like to come visit again. Keep in mind though, you may not want to make it too comfy, they may not want to leave. ;)


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